Wrinkle Town’s breeding program 

Here at Wrinkle Town we always do our breeding program around our needs first and for most and then the needs of the potential families that are happy to go on our waiting list.

So what this means is, we only plan mating around our needs or if we have enough suitable families looking to add a Wrinkle Town to their family we would do a mating.

So if you are happy to wait for one of our puppies and not want a puppy yesterday.  Then we welcome you to fill out our application form and once your application is accepted and we have at least 4 approved families. Then and only then will we plan a mating.

 At time to time we will be lucky enough to have more babies born then families on our waiting list , when this happens we will advertise these babies here on our site , FaceBook, GumTree and Dogs Online website.
Although there will not be a wait for these puppies, you will still need to go though the application process 


We are looking for very special homes
for  our babies
All the puppies we breed are bought up in a farm environment with chooks , cows , horses and of course wildlife and my beautiful grandchildren. 

All pups will be vet checked , micro-chipped ,first vaccination done at 6 week 

All our breeding dogs are tested for heredity disease and we aim to breed for all clear dogs .

Pedigree papers will be forwarded once processed by ANKC Dogs QLD.
All puppies are normally sold on limited registration. I am looking for owners who can give our puppies a loving and safe home .

We are happy to discuss the prospect of main registration with the right families. 

If you think you have the right home for one of our puppies please fill out our puppy application and 
after your Application has been processed we will make contact with a follow up phone call that will help us make the decision if your family is suitable as a potential homes for one of our puppies



We don’t just breed our girls ,our litters are carefully planned and only done for us to keep or when we have enough suitable families looking to add a Shallow Well baby to there family

PUPPY PRICES leaving 2020

We do not price on sex of a pup 

All Puppies Sold On Limited Registration 


Limited Registration is the way almost all our puppies are sold BUT if you are looking for main then we are happy to discuss


Horse and Brush coat  – Black ,Fawn  –  $4000

Horse and Brush coat  – Creams, Platinum, Brown, Red , Isabella, Mahogany, Chocolate ,Blue and 5 Point Red-$5000 

Bear coat standard colours – Black ,Fawn – $5500

Bear coat  – Creams, Platinum, Brown, Isabella, Mahogany, Chocolate , Red- $6500 

Bear coat  – Blue-$8000 

Horse or Brush Coat – Black, Red, Apricot , Creams, Platinum, Brown, Isabella, Chocolate Flowered- $7000                        

Horse or Brush Coat -Blue Flowered-  $7500

Bear Coat -Standard Flowered Colour – $7500 

Bear Coat –  Creams, Platinum, Brown, Isabella, Blue, Chocolate Flowered – $9000                           


You must be a financial member of ANKC

Must have Breeders Prefix

Main Prices will be discussed with potential family

Puppy Application 

A $1000 Deposit is required to secure your puppy. You will also be required to pay transport cost at the time of paying your Deposit.
With a cash balance at pick up

If the pup is traveling by a form of transport,  you balance will need to have cleared in the bank 3 days prior to your puppies booked travel date .

Flight will only be used for the capital cities that road transport can not go to Tassie , WA,NT at this stage , puppies for these areas can not leave until they are 12 week and subject to passing the airlines new testing for brachycephalic breeds

We book all  transport and the date will be determined by us but making every effort to fit in with all our families.
I do charge a $30 transport cost for me to take the pup to pickup / drop off point  .

Our preferred road transport is Pet Waggin Pet Transport 

If for what ever reason you would like a different date ( this can not be earlier then your pup being 8 weeks ) . I can arrange pickup for your baby and take the pup to its flight .
The pet taxi charges about $200 to pick up from us .