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Feed back from families over my 20 years of breeding , being new to the Shar Pei breed a lot of my reviews are from my pass breeding 

  • Christina Sabin Mililani, HI USA

    Aug 4 2018 11:58 AM

    We came across Shallow Well Bullmastiff’s while researching international breeders in our search to find a bull mastiff puppy. Being located on an island with strict quarantine laws makes finding a quality puppy difficult. After deciding on Australia due to their rabies free designation we began searching for reputable breeders. We sent a message to Kate and received an immediate email response followed by a phone conversation. She was so honest and up front about everything it immediately put us at ease. Throughout the process she has always been available to us, ensuring we could follow our puppies activities, letting us know what she was eating, how she was playing and sending pictures. It is very scary to think about sending money to a foreign country for a puppy you have never held but Kate made it an easy decision for us. In addition to keeping us updated on Bindi’s life she also arranged and took care of all of her vaccines, paperwork, export pedigree in order to paper her in the US and her flight arrangements. She has been amazing. We finally got to meet our puppy a week ago and she is everything we hoped for and more. In addition to being absolutely stunning her temperament is amazing. She is so laid back and loving and gets along with everyone in our family including our fur babies. If you are looking for a puppy and are undecided about buying international you can feel secure in trusting Kate and Shallow Well Bullmastiff’s. We are already considering a secondsmile

  • Sam and Mitchell

    Sam and Mitchell NSW

    Jul 12 2018 8:37 AM

    Cannot Thankyou enough for then most perfect pup. His temperament and especially his intelligence astounds us everyday. He’s already fully toilet trained and so obedient. Your puppy’s are second to none Kate. Will be highly recommending you to anyone looking at investing in the breed. Our Boston is simply amazing he has been no trouble what so ever we have barely had to train him with anything he is just so well behaved. Thankyou again!

  • Darren and Danielle

    Darren and Danielle Tasmania

    May 14 2018 11:47 AM

    We have had Bull Mastiffs for 11 years and after losing our big boy Murphy in November we thought it was time to look for our new alpha male. I called Kate and from day 1 i wanted one of her pups. She was a professional in all sense of the word, the contract, food diary and all the other paper work was spot on. I am glad to say when Shallow Well Master Blue Blood (Levi) arrived on Thursday we were ecstatic , great looking pup and all the care and love given to him over the past eight weeks showed in his attitude,health and well being .
    Kate is great to deal with and knows her stuff , so if you are doing some research on buy a puppy then you have found the right web page.

  • Owen

    Owen Brisbane

    Jun 26 2017 10:29 AM

    It was lovely having the chance to meet Angel and Dusty at the Bullmastiff Nationals on Saturday , both very lovely dogs .
    We are looking forward to seeing dusty stating to show in September and see more of Angel in the show win
    Well deserve 2nd in the Novice Sweepstakes

  • Graudins Family

    Graudins Family Northern Terriory

    Feb 15 2017 8:54 PM

    I had been looking for a couple of years to have a bullmastiff join our family, while searching for our new family member I came across Shallow Well Bullmastiffs after speaking with Kate I was really impressed at how honest and passionate she was about the bullmastiff breed and her own dogs, Kate is a very nice person and would talk and answer all my questions at anytime, Kate arranged the safe transport for our puppy who also came with a lovely puppy pack to help her transition into our home, I loved that I was notified the day the puppies were born and getting all the up dates, we have our girl now and she is just beautiful, and a very happy puppy with a great temperament.
    Thanks Kate

  • kristel

    kristel Victoria

    Feb 14 2017 8:47 AM

    We came across Shallow well bull mastiffs when we we searching for a little girl, We were so excited to be able to get a little girl from Kate, she has a beautiful temperament, very energetic and happy to play. We received photos and updates from Kate very often, Nahla has a little blanket she received when she arrived. We were a bit hesitant about getting a puppy transported down to Victoria but she travelled so well, and came to us more then fine after her travels. Kate organised everything and there was no stress which made it so great. We are extremely happy with our little girl. Thank you Kate

  • Fiona

    Fiona Tasmania

    Feb 7 2017 10:52 PM

    After researching for 2yrs about the breed of dog we wanted as a show prospect and that would also be a good fit with our family we decided on the Bullmastiff.
    We spoke with a number of different breeders and then we came across Kate at Shallow Well Bullmastiff’s while searching dogz online. Kate was fantastic, she spoke to us at length about her dogs, the way she raises them and shared her endless knowledge. We are now the proud owners of 2 of Kate’s dogs. Fire is 12 weeks and Ice is nearly 10 weeks. Kate organised for both our girls to make the trip from Qld to Tassie to join our family. They arrived with a goodie bag of information, a vaccination and worming history, blanket and toys. Our children aged 8-15yrs old are totally wrapped. Even our youngest who is globally disabled and normally wary enjoys the girls.
    We can’t recommend Kate enough, we received updates from birth to arrival with photos and videos everyday or two, she goes above and beyond for both her beloved babies and her new puppy owners. She is always there if you need to ask her anything and as new owners we can be confident in having her support if needed.
    We can’t thank Kate enough for our beautiful girls.
    Methorst Family – Tas

  • Daniel White

    Daniel White Yass, NSW

    Feb 7 2017 6:17 PM

    I came across Shallow Well Bullmastiff’s while searching for a new puppy for our family. I knew we wanted a Bullmastiff to be our newest family member, it was just a matter of finding the right breeder. After first speaking with Kate, i knew Shallow Well would be where our puppy came from. Kate was extremely personable and happily answered any questions i had.
    Kate kept in constant contact from when i first enquired about a new puppy, giving weekly updates etc. The day the puppies were born, Kate let me know and provided updates and photos every few days.
    Kate was excellent at organising travel for our puppy and accommodated our requests the best she could.
    I have never encountered a breeder as amazing as Kate! She is definitely one of the good ones who puts her fur babies first and makes sure they only get the best, right up to making sure they are going to a great family!
    When our baby, Lola, arrived she came with a pet pack which included a toy, blanket, food, and lots of other documents and goodies to help ensure that our baby settled in well.
    Kate also organised 6 weeks worth of free pet insurance to give new owners that extra piece of mind.
    In the weeks after we received our baby, i was contacting Kate with any query i had and she was more than happy to answer it and actually encouraged us to contact her if we had any questions at all.
    I could not recommend Kate as a breeder enough! Anyone who has asked about Lola, I ensure that i let them know who the breeder is and how amazing the whole experience was.
    I can not thank Kate enough for the amazing puppy that we received. Straight away she became friends with our other dog and cat with no hassles at all. Lola is also amazing with all members of our family, big and small!
    Again, thank you so much Kate!

    Daniel and family – Yass, NSW

  • Renae Booker

    Renae Booker Hopetoun Park Victoria

    Feb 7 2017 8:09 AM

    I was recommended to contact Kate at Shallow Well Bullmastiff’s through a Bullmastiff Australia facebook page.
    Sent an inquiry through to Kate who advised that they have just had a littler of beautiful pups and sent through photos of pups available, along with information of both parents, being in another state It was my first time purchasing a pup with out being able to hold her, Kate sent me photos every 3-4 days on how my little girl was growing, her sleeping and eating routine, interactions with her other sisters. Also photos with the pups being brought up around small children I knew her temperament was going to fit in with our family instantly.
    Kate arranged all of the transportation of our little gem who arrived safe and sound in Melbourne, arriving with her bag of goodies – teddy, blanket, food pack and information on the breed and all her vaccination and microchip information/pet insurance coverage.
    Kate has gone above and beyond in my eyes to breed quality pups who are absolutely stunning and an asset to the breed.
    Kate, we thank you for bringing our beautiful Roxy into our lives.
    Booker Family – Melbourne

  • Lena

    Lena Brisbane

    Aug 11 2016 5:23 PM

    I had been wanting a puppy for years and finally found Kate’s website. My Dad and I went out to meet Kate and the puppies and that’s where we found my beautiful Prince!! He’s amazing, and not only me but the entire family is in love with him…
    What really impressed us was how well the dogs had been cared for, it was a paradise for these animal being on a farm, open spaces, clean, caring and loving family that surrounded them. Kate was awesome, she provided me with all Prince’s documentation which included his mum and dads papers, vaccinations lists, insurances and general information about how she had been caring (food, the amounts and frequencies of feeding). She also provided a gift bag which included a soft toy and a blanket which she had rubbed Prince’s sister’s scent on to comfort him when we took him.

    This whole experience was amazing…..Thanks Kate!!

    Lena and family – Brisbane

  1. After losing our James-Graham it took a while to open our home again to another Bullmastiff. We were going to use the same breeder but she retired. We came across Shallow Well and we feel in love. Kate,s mastiffs are simply gorgeous. Kate showed us pups from other litters and all are great looking perfect examples of the mastiff breed. We were lucky enough to bring home a girl, Jean-Grey. She is perfect in every way, her gorgeous little personality has won all of our hearts. We are so grateful to have another Bullmastiff in our lives and thank Kate for making that possible. We look forward to watching our baby grow in to a fine dog. Kate definitely knows her stuff when it comes to breeding Bullmastiff,s and Any pup from her you won’t be disappointed! 🌷😘 Thankyou

  2. We bought our gorgeous bull mastiff puppy in April of this year. Kate was extremely helpful throughout the whole process – especially because we could not visit our puppy in person before choosing her. Kate sent gorgeous photos and a whole heap of information about how to look after her when she arrived. Our beautiful girl arrived safe and happy from her long trip has been nothing but awesome. She has a wonderful, placid nature and is so loving and calm – unexpected in a puppy. She is growing very fast and we are enjoying her more and more. I would definitely recommend Kate and Shallow Well if you are considering a large breed dog. We are very happy.

  3. After losing our last boy it has taken us 2 yrs to even look for another. Now settled into a new house with land, the search was on. We came across Kates site and on agreement we all picked our puppy. Kate was awesome with photos and communication with us the whole time especially as the COVID 19 Pandemic hit as this meant we could not go and see or pick up our puppy. A dog courier was organised and we received a very happy and healthy pup with his own little blanket from Kate. Kate sent us emails about looking after the pup whom we have named TORO and what the pups have been eating. Papers were sent to us as we could not meet with Kate in person at the time. We have a very healthy and very quick growing Toro and he loves the kids as much as they love him. Would recommend Kate and Shallow Well to anybody looking for a Bullmastiff.

  4. Having had bull mastiffs all our lives in South Africa, we looked long & hard at breeders here in Australia for right type of BM we wanted. It took us a couple of years to decide who we wanted a pup from & I can say that our gut feel for Shallow Well pups was spot on! We have our beautiful Java Bean & is amazing. She has a very laid back personality, is loving, not much fazes her & she loves a cuddle. She also loves chewing wood which Kate did give us the heads up about so she has a lot of toys, a mate called Diesel, the cattle dog, and she is played with for hours on end, if she’s not playing, she’s asleep & snoring. 😉

  5. We are so happy with Kate and our puppy. As we had not had a Bull mastiff before we spent quite some time talking with Kate and getting info as to whether this breed would be suitable for our family. We are so impressed with Kate’s knowledge about the Bull mastiffs and her obviously love for this breed. Kate was so open and honest throughout the entire process.
    We received our puppy at easter and the information that Kate provided beforehand regarding caring for, training, feeding etc was so helpful.
    Our puppy has made a wonderful addition to our family – we have 2 small children and our puppy is so great with them. Our puppy (Roxie) has such a beautiful nature. She loves to be around people.
    We would definately recommend Kate – Shallow Well breeders.

  6. Our experience with Kate and Shallowells Bullmastiffs has been an incredibly positive one from the very beginning.
    Before we took delivery of our beautiful puppy Mooga, Kate furnished us with mountains of information about how to care for him when he arrived. Whenever we have had questions about taking care of Mooga, Kate has always been available and more than helpful. Kate sent us photos of Mooga playing with her grandchildren and his siblings, which reassured us that we were getting a puppy from a loving home and not a dog factory.
    When Mooga finally arrived, he settled into our circus instantly. We have 3 other dogs, 2 cats, chooks and a pet bird that Mooga shares the home with. He has never been aggressive to any of our other animals and is always happy with a constantly waging tail. From the get-go Mooga has been a great addition to the family.
    Its is abundantly clear to us through our dealings and the quality of Mooga as a dog, that Kate takes great pride and care in the bullmastiffs she produces. The care and service she provides Pre and post delivery is second to none. We would recommend Kate and her dogs to any family looking for a beautifully bred Bullmastiff.


What Families Have To Say — 3 Comments

  1. My experience with Kate and Wrinkle Town has been 10/10.

    From the first contact she has been excellent in making sure we are provided with the right information, regular updates, and helped choose the perfect shar pei puppy for our family! I have experience with other shar pei breeders but Kate and Wrinkle Town will be my first recommendation to everyone looking into welcoming one of these beautiful pei-by’s into their families.

    Her breeding style is amazing. Our pup settled into our family so unbelievably well and have had absolutely no issues or concerns in any areas!! Even after welcoming our girl into our family Kate has still maintained contact to make sure everything was going well.

    We can’t thank you enough Kate!

  2. Kate spent a lot of time talking to me over the phone and making me feel at ease with such an important decision. Boba is such an amazing well adjusted puppy who is loving, arrived toilet trained and slept through the night. She continues to talk me through any questions I have and I feel like I have made a friend. I would definitely recommend kate as a breeder to anyone wanting a Shar Pei.

  3. We can not thank Kate enough for our beautiful little bear coat Shar Pei. He has settled in so quickly and it was such a smooth transition. Kate sent photos and a video of our little boy as he was growing up, which was great! Once he arrived, Kate checked to make sure we were happy with our new furbaby and it was love at first sight. He has a beautiful temperament and its a testament to Kate. Highly recommend Kate if you are looking for a amazing breeder of Shar Peis.

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